Vico Plastics is a manufacturer of plastic and aluminum marine accessories. We supply boat cover support & venting systems to boat manufactures, marine distributors, and canvas upholstery shops. Our Patented Boat Vent II and Cam-Lock Support poles provide ventilation and tenting for mooring covers, travel covers, and storage covers. The purpose of the vent and pole is to exhaust moist air and heat without letting any rain or moisture in. This aids in preventing mildew, fungus, and harmful bacteria from growing rampant in unvented boat interiors. Installation time can be reduced to seconds using our custom circle hole cutter. For proper support, Boatvent II should always be used along with an adjustable mooring pole (tent pole). It is extremely important that a vented well fit cover be tied down tightly, by using tie downs such as our Quickie Ties. Our new cam lock support poles are constructed from the finest and strongest anodized aluminum alloys. Our ribbed design provides the maximum strength to weight ratio. The rest of the components are stainless steel. Our poles can hold up to 170 lbs of down force, more than double the capacity of the old thumbscrew style poles.

Vico Plastics is currently working to develop many new and improved designs for making your boating experience better. We have been focusing a lot of time and energy into new product development to stay on the leading edge of future technology. Here are a few of the new ones:


Bow Guard

Protect your boat while trailering from rock chips, road tar and grime with this quick and easily mounted bow protector. Made from durable U.V. and mildew resistant Softliner fabric, it not only withstands the harshest elements but also protects from scratches and abrasions with its soft inner lining.

The "Bow Guard" comes complete with all the materials and instructions you will need to quickly and easily install this unit to your individual boat, make, and design. It is designed to universally accommodate boats from 16'-22' (feet) in length. See our “Products Page” for more information.

MOTOR COVERS "Universal Motor Covers"

Motor Cover

Available in 3 sizes: Small - fits up to 20 H.P., Medium - fits 20 H.P. to 100 H.P., and Large - fits 100 H.P. up to 250 H.P.

Our outboard motor covers are designed to fit your particular make and size of motor. Our Softliner fabric is waterproof and UV resistant. It has a soft non-woven polyester inner lining, which provides scratch resistant protection for sensitive gel coats and painted surfaces. Made with Tough Duck Heavy Duty outdoor material. See our “Products Page” for more information.

POLE BASE "Floor Protector w/Support Pole"

Pole Base

Our new patented Pole Base is designed to protect your boats floor from the damage caused by standard crutch tips. It works by dispersing the support poles weight over a larger surface area to prevent carpet rings and dented vinyl floors. It has a Thermoplastic rubber bottom so the Pole will stay in place and not scratch or wear your boats floor. See our “Products Page” for more information.